The Eco-Connection Showroom is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to take on a green project whether it is a small remodeling project, a new home, or a commercial development. Everyone on the staff at Standard’s Grand Valley/Standale branch is well versed in the latest green building products as well as everything involved in planning and executing a green project. Kurt Geoghegan, the manager of the location is LEED accredited. The location also features a home designer on staff, field sales representatives for both lumber and kitchens, as well as an experienced inside support staff to ensure the customer’s project is a success.

Standard is a member of Greenbuilt West Michigan and the West Michigan Chapter of USGBC (United States Green Built Council). FSC® C021131

Standard Supply and Lumber
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Environmental Statement

Standard Companies (Standard Lumber, Standard Kitchens and Standard Building Systems) is dedicated to operating our business in a manner that promotes a healthier environment. The management of Standard Companies believes we have a responsibility to our children and future generations to make sure their world is a safe and sustainable one.

We recognize our responsibilities in several broad areas:

Operations, plant and equipment: We will select, maintain and operate our buildings, equipment, and delivery vehicles responsibly so as to minimize emissions and the waste of natural resources. We will recycle waste material wherever possible and will encourage our customers and employees to do this as well. We will train our employees in energy conservation. We will set energy conservation procedures for all of our locations and encourage conservation practices in employees’ personal lives as well.

Products we offer for sale: Our Purchasing department will choose “Green” and eco-friendly products to offer our customers. We will avoid products that are harmful to the environment and will pay attention to other environmental factors such as excess packaging, non-biodegradable packaging, and excessive transportation. Our first choice is to purchase locally.

Education, Training and Involvement: We are dedicated to informing our customers and our employees of the need to become more aware of how their actions and choices effect the environment. We will make efforts to inform our customers of products we carry that are “green” products and communicate to them why they should adapt these products. Standard is a member of Greenbuilt Michigan and supports their efforts. Standard pledges their support for local community environmental initiatives.

Green Build Michigan