Planning for your new Sierra Post Frame Building from Standard Lumber

So you have decided it is time to actually get started on that pole barn you need. You may have driven by or taken the time to look at a particular building that caught your eye because of the style or color. However, there are many important aspects of the building you will need to know, such as what size and height, before making a decision. Here are some ideas to help you in deciding what type of building will best fit your needs.

First of all, a location for your pole barn needs to be determined. The site itself may bring some limitations as to what size of building you will be able to build. A call to the local building inspector is very helpful. He will be able to give you the zoning and code guidelines for your township. This could save you a lot of time and disappointment if you have selected a particular building that does not fulfill the requirements for the location that you have chosen.

You will want to know what price range you would like to remain in and the maximum amount of funds available for this project.

If you will be using your building for storing various items such as travel trailers, motor homes, vehicles, or boats, make sure you consider the overall size and height as this will have a bearing on how large of a building you will need. You may also want to consider future items to be purchased that will find a "home" in your building. You cannot build a building too big! A suggestion that many customers have found helpful is to purchase graph paper and draw the outline of the proposed building at _" scale. Once you have completed this, draw to scale the things you are looking to store in your new building. Cut them out and place them in the scale drawing. This will help you visualize the finished storage building and whether it is going to accommodate the necessary items.

The groundwork has now been laid. It is time to email, call or come in and see us at SIERRA Buildings / Standard Lumber. Our company is equipped to handle all your pole barn needs. Our post frame sales people are skilled in providing you with expertise in figuring post frame buildings and the materials you as the homeowner will need. They will also be able to provide you with instruction and helpful information to build your own pole barn or assist you in choosing a reputable licensed contractor to do the job. Ask questions and learn all that you can to insure that the finished project will be what you had envisioned.

Mike Lockard
SIERRA Post Frame Buildings
Standard Supply & Lumber Co.

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