Letters From Satisfied Sierra Post Frame Building Customers


I wanted to send you a note of "thanks" for the help you gave us in getting our office building properly designed and competitively priced. If we hadn't spoken and met I know I would not have the building I have today! Who really thinks that there is that much to building a post frame building? Certainly not me, so I am glad we had your expertise.

Here is a quick list of value added features you gave us:

  1. Help with my prints. Due to being a commercial building I needed my plans certified. I had no idea how to do that or how much it was going to be and you helped me figure it out.
  2. Advice on how to actually construct the building and advice on the most practical way to do it with the least amount of cost.
  3. Coordination of dropping off the lumber and working with my builder. Thanks for answering your cell phone.
  4. Quick pick up of returns and easy bills to understand and keep for records. They were always on time with the deliveries too.

Feel free to use this with other future clients and if they have any questions they are more than welcome to contact me directly. If they want to see your work they can come take a look too. Being a business owner who loves what I do it was great and refreshing to work with someone who loves and is great at what they do! Stop in for a cup of coffee whenever you want.

Joel Broersma, CFP®
Sr. Partner, National Director of Agencies
Pathway Financial Design